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One-on-One Tutoring


It's not just about Clay's world-record 5 perfect scores or his 15 years and more than 9,000 hours teaching these tests.

Clay is the most engaging, professional and data-driven SAT and ACT tutor in the United States

- and the ONLY ONE with a perfect score on the 2024 Digital Adaptive SAT.

Every Cooper Prep tutoring student receives our full suite of learning tools.

You'll get each of the following:

I will give you my guidebook on Active Learning, the instruction method I use - as do the world's leading law and med schools.




I won't just show your student what to study - I'll teach them how to study using the cutting-edge science of cognition.



I take a deep dive into your student's data and draw the map from where they are to where they want to be.



I'll score your student's practice work by hand and give them detailed, data-driven feedback that can move the needle.


Active Learning Primer



A guidebook showing you how to learn using

the latest findings of cognitive neuroscience.

Every day, we learn more about how the human brain works. Cognitive neuroscientists have developed an approach to teaching and learning that applies the most advanced scientific understanding of the human mind to the process of communicating and retaining new concepts and ideas. The world's best medical schools, law schools, and professional organizations have developed curricula around this approach - because it is the future of education.


My Active Learning Primer will introduce you and your student to this cutting-edge science and show you how we can leverage it to get the score you want.

Active Learning



I'll work directly with you and your student to assess their personal learning style and then teach them how to study by leveraging their strengths.

It's no mystery that different people learn best via different modes of communication. For instance, research shows that some students can absorb verbal instruction very well, while others learn more from visual cues, and still others need to practice in a hands-on application.


I'll work directly with you and your student to determine how they learn best based on objective data and your subjective experiences. I'll then compile that information into a

Data-Driven Personal Study Framework

and use it to teach your student how to study. 

Personal Study



I'll analyze your student's work, practice, and past scores to build detailed roadmap from where they are to where they want to be.

Achieving dramatic score increases requires more than hard work and desire - it requires an effective plan. I will analyze your student's past scores, practice tests, homework, and grades to build a wholistic understanding of where they are beginning. I'll then work with them to develop a detailed, concrete plan and roadmap to take them to the score they need. We'll establish study schedules, practice tasks, milestones, and metrics. They will use that plan to achieve their goals, and I'll help you hold them accountable for their work.

This Comprehensive Study Plan is the difference between those who want it, and those who can make it happen.

Study Plan



I'll score your student's practice tests by hand and deliver insightful, concrete analysis to help them move forward.

Practice tests are an essential part of any good test prep approach. Your student will take practice tests regularly as outlined by our Comprehensive Study Plan. But for testing to be effective, we must understand the test results - on a level far deeper than merely what the student scored. I'll go through your student's tests question by question and section by section to deliver granular feedback and big-picture clarity. Your student's weaknesses will be a moving target - but I'll keep them aimed at the next right question.

Make the most of your work by using my Personal Hand-Scoring and Analysis to keep your studying efficient and on-point as you learn and your challenges change.

Hand Scoring
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