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Perfectly timed for the August 26th SAT!


Give your student the best SAT prep that money can buy with our premier course offering: the 8-week, live and online SAT Master Class taught by the best SAT instructor on the planet world-record five-time perfect scorer Clay Cooper. 


Clay will use his more than 14 years and more than 7,000 hours of experience to lead your student in engaging, enjoyable lessons and share the secrets of the SAT. This course includes 64 hours of live instruction. All lessons are recorded and made available on the student dashboard, so your student can learn everything even if they have to miss a class session.


First, we will meet twice a week for 7 weeks from July 8th to August 16th. Each class is 3 hours long, and I will show your student in detail everything they need to know to answer every single question in SAT Reading, Writing and Math. They'll learn everything that the SAT tests them on - from me, Clay Cooper, the only person to ever get three perfect scores on the SAT.


Then, this Master Class includes full access to my Final Week Perfect Review Course - 20 hours of live, online instruction during the final week before the August 26th SAT.  In the last week before the test, we will meet for 3 hours every day to do a comprehensive final review of all of the topics tested on the SAT - and then, on the last day before the test, I host an All Day Review session for 10 hours (attendance optional). Students can come and go as they please and use this final All Day Review to get any last questions answered or for an additional bit of practice.


Registration cost: $800

Cost per hour of instruction: $12.50

Scholarships won by my students: more than $4,000,000


Backed by our Get Better Guarantee:

If your score doesn't improve, you can enroll FREE in another 8-week Live Online Master Class - and get a free 30-minute phone consultation with Clay. 


Each 8-Week Live Online Master Class student receives:

  • Clay's complete set of SAT textbooks containing his comprehensive approach to achieving exceptional scores - techniques and strategies that have helped literally thousands of Clay's students achieve 99th percentile scores, perfect scores, admission to the best universities in the world, and literally millions of dollars in scholarships.
  • 20 genuine, official SAT practice tests
  • Small class sizes - We limit our Master Classes to 20 participating students, so that your student can get every single one of their questions about the SAT answered - guaranteed.
  • Homework problem sets and assignments
  • Comprehensive checklists of the topics tested in every section of the SAT
  • My Official SAT vocabulary list containing more than 400 vocabulary words actually tested on official SATs
  • Video explanations of the hardest SAT concepts for students to view anytime
  • Section-specific study tools
  • My SAT Timeline of American History
  • My Complete Punctuation Rules for the SAT
  • My SAT Math Guide handout, with all every formula, definition and equation tested
  • A realistic Video Proctor to simulate the actual test-day experience
  • All of your student's questions will be answered - guaranteed!
  • Access to a suite of online learning tools designed with the latest cognitive neuroscience in mind
  • Live homework and test review addressing student questions in class
  • A comprehensive study schedule students can follow to maximize their prep time
  • Live, personal, and detailed instruction using the expertise of my world-record 3 perfect SAT scores
  • Complete access to my Final Week Perfect Review Course in the week before the SAT - meetings every day to do comprehensive review of the SAT materials (attendance optional)
  • Including access to my All Day Review (ten hours long!) on the day before the test; students can come and go as they please and take the opportunity to fill in any remaining gaps in their understanding (attendance optional)


and much more.

8-Week SAT Master Class - Live Online - July/August - Monday & Wednesday Morning

  • Zoom Virtual Classroom

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