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Perfectly timed for the August 24, 2024 Digital SAT. 

Classes take place in the EVENING - 6PM-9PM Eastern, 3PM-6PM Pacific (see MORNING cohort for a different schedule option). 

Fully detailed course schedule available on the right side of this page (at the bottom of the page on the mobile).


Give your student the best SAT prep that money can buy with our most efficient, cost-effective course: the Final Week Crush Course taught by the best SAT instructor on the planet:  World Record three-time perfect 1600 SAT scorer - and perfect scorer on the Digital SAT - Clay Cooper. 


NOTE: If your student is registered for any of Clay's SAT Master Classes, you do NOT need to register separately for a Final Week Crush Course - each Master Class INCLUDES a Final Week Crush Course, and the Final Week Crush Course registration cost is included in the Master Class registration cost. 



Clay will use his more than 15 years and more than 10,000 hours of experience teaching and tutoring the SAT online and in person to lead your student in engaging, enjoyable lessons and share the secrets of the New, Digital SAT.

This course includes more than 18 hours of live instruction.  All lessons are recorded, and recordings are posted within 24 hours of class - so your student can stay up to date even if they have to miss a class session.


Clay will personally teach your student how to:

  • Anticipate and attack every question type in the Reading/Writing modules
  • Solve every Math problem the SAT can test them on
  • Predict what will come next with the Digital SAT's new Computer Adaptive Testing Algorithm
    • Have you heard that the new, Digital SAT gets harder if you get questions right?
      • It's true - to an extent. I'll explain everything your student needs to know.
  • Apply Clay's personally developed test-taking strategies to maximize their score - regardless of their raw ability.


Every Final Week Crush Course includes:

  • 18 hours of instruction - and a comprehensive review of everything tested on the SAT
  • Three REAL, fully realistic and official Digital SAT practice tests
  • Ever y class is recorded, so students can attend live or watch anytime
  • The result is that your student will walk in on test day with their strengths improved, their questions addressed - and their confidence at an all-time high.


Registration cost: $500

Don't be fooled by inferior test-prep providers who sell cut-rate classes and ask you to entrust your child's future to an independent contractor-instructor without even a single perfect score on the SAT.


Think every test prep company is the same - that a discount prep provider can give your child the help they need? Think again. 

Take a quick look at some of our competitors' minimum SAT score requirements - the score you need to be hired as an SAT instructor and teach their classes:

  • Kaplan: 1400
  • Princeton Review: No minimum
  • PrepScholar: 1500 minimum, 1540 preferred
  • Prep Expert: 1500
  • Clay Cooper of Cooper Test Prep: 3 Consecutive Official Perfect SAT Scores of 1600 within the last 6 years - and a perfect score on the new, Digital SAT.


The difference is clear. 


Trust only the best - and watch as your investment more than pays for itself in scholarship awards and the proven, dramatic increases in life-long earning potential that come with an elite college degree.


Each Final Week Crush Course student receives:

  • Clay's complete set of SAT prep materials:
    • All of Clay's SAT techniques, concepts, approaches and strategies
    • Completely updated and tailored to the Digital SAT
  • More than 10 genuine, official Digital SAT practice tests from the College Board - INCLUDE 3 GENUINE DIGITAL ADAPTIVE SATs that are UNPUBLISHED AND NEVER SEEN BEFORE!
  • Smallest class sizes in the industry: 25 participating students
    • We limit our classes to 25 participating students, so that your student can get every single one of their questions about the SAT answered - guaranteed.
    • Every year, this class size limit costs Cooper Test Prep money - but Clay won't budge.
    • Because small class sizes are proven to lead to better learning outcomes - and at Cooper Test Prep, your student's success is all that matters.
  • Homework problem sets and assignments made exclusively from real SAT problems
  • Comprehensive checklists of all topics tested in every module of the Digital SAT
  • Clay's Official Digital SAT Vocabulary Word List containing the most frequently-tested vocabulary words from real, official Digital SATs, sorted by frequency and with definitions and alternate word forms - the only study tool of its kind in existence.
  • Clay's Prerecorded Video Library containing video explanations of the hardest SAT concepts for students to view anytime
  • Clay's SAT History Practice Readings
  • Clay's Complete Punctuation Rules for the SAT - updated to reflect new rules tested only on the Digital SAT
  • Clay's Digital SAT Math Simplified study guide, with all every formula, definition and equation tested
  • A realistic Digital SAT Practice Testing Platform that perfectly mimics the BlueBook app used by the College Board to administer the SAT - it's identical to the real thing. 
  • All of your student's questions will be answered live in class - guaranteed!
  • Access to a suite of online learning tools designed with the latest cognitive neuroscience in mind
  • Live homework and test review addressing student questions in every lesson
  • and much more.


In short, Clay's Final Week Crush Course is the best SAT review course in the world - taught by the only instructor qualified to make such a claim.


Give your student the best.

Final Week Crush Course - for the August 24 Digital SAT - EVENING Cohort

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  • Cooper Test Prep's SAT Learning Suite & Zoom Online Classroom

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