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The best SAT and ACT
prep in the world.

from world-record five-time perfect-scorer Clay Cooper

Give your student the best money can buy.

Currently enrolling for limited seats in

2024 Digital SAT Master Classes.

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Cooper Prep's Class of 2024 clients will be attending

One-on-One Tutoring with Clay

Live Group Classes taught entirely by Clay

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94% 5-Star Reviews

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Clay's Students' Results in March 2024 alone:

  • 11 SAT scores above 1500

  • 2 SAT Perfect scores

  • SAT Average Improvement: 235 Points

  • 9 National Merit PSAT scores in 2023

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Screenshot 2024-06-29 at
Copy of SAT Perfect Scores_edited.jpg

Just some of Clay's actual, official perfect scores.

Right Correct Snowfall.png

A sample of the clear, simple proof that Cooper Test Prep and Clay Cooper

deliver on our promise

that our SAT prep is of the highest quality

and that our clients see the best results.

“You get what you pay for.” 

We have all heard the adage -

and when you choose which SAT prep to pay for, your child's future is at stake.

There's no denying it: high-quality SAT prep is expensive -

but not as expensive as a missed educational opportunity resulting from cut-rate test prep. 

Clay Cooper started Cooper Test Prep to offer the option of the highest-quality SAT prep on Earth - and to support that claim with clear, simple proof - to families for whom only the best will do.

That is why at Cooper Test Prep, you will find

No marketing games.


No deceptive "free" trials, just give us your credit card number...

No unrealistic guarantees, no false promises.

No billionaire owners.

No PR team.

No influencer product placement.

No instruction outsourced to contractors. 

Instead, at Cooper Test Prep, you will find

honest, straightforward SAT prep of the absolute highest quality

from the World's Best SAT Instructor -

Clay Cooper

- and an obsessive focus on helping your student reach their goal score

and get into their dream school.

World's best SAT instructor? Really?

Yes, really. In fact, inarguably

Proven by world record perfect scores, unrivaled experience and unmatched results.

Clay has 3 Perfect Score 1600s on Real, Official SAT Tests - a World Record in Itself.

No other person - no instructor, no tutor, no student - has ever come close to matching this achievement.

Clay even has a Perfect Score on the New, Digital SAT before it has even arrived in the United States.

But no one knows better than Clay does that scores are not everything; an instructor cannot be effective unless they can connect with individual clients at the client's level, and in language the client understands.

Clay prides himself on this aspect of his instruction - adapting it to meet the client where they are. 

He has 15 years and 9,000 hours of experience teaching and tutoring the SAT online and in person, in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America, more than eight countries in Europe, Hong Kong, China and South Korea. 

It's understandable to be skeptical of Clay's bold claims. But consider this:

Despite already being the world record perfect scorer on the SAT, Clay flew overseas to take the Digital SAT in 2023 before it was even available to test takers in the US. 

He earned another perfect score, further distancing himself from any other instructor and equipping him to prepare your student better than anyone else can - as the World Record 3-Time Perfect 1600 SAT Scorer - and as the only instructor in the United States with a Perfect Score on the new, Computer-Adaptive Digital SAT before that test arrives in the US.

This focus on quality, simplicity and honesty means that

Cooper Test Prep offers two products:

The world's best group class for Digital SAT prep

from the only person qualified to make such a claim:

Clay's 8-Week Live Online Digital SAT Master Class

in a variety of schedules, times of year, and times of day.


The world's best individual, personal tutoring for the Digital SAT

from the only person qualified to make such a claim:

Clay's One-on-One Digital SAT Tutoring

in a variety of package sizes, delivered flexibly to work for any client.

If you believe that, in private educational services, you get what you pay for,

and if your family will not accept anything less than the best for your children's education,

then you're in the right place.

Browse our services and find the best fit for your student, or

call us today and let us help you find the right solution for your student.

You can reach us at


from 6AM-9PM Pacific, 7 days a week.

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