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Hello! I am Clay Cooper, President and Founder of Cooper Test Prep.

I offer the world's best SAT and ACT classes and tutoring.

I am best known for having achieved five perfect scores on official tests - three perfect 1600s on the SAT (including a perfect score on the new, Digital SAT - before it even arrived in the US), a perfect 36 on the ACT, and a perfect Selection Score Index of 228 on the PSAT (also, I once lost really badly on Jeopardy!, which I have yet to live down).


I have won numerous scholarships and scholastic achievement awards, have attended five colleges, and have achieved 99th percentile scores on numerous other tests, including multiple high-99th percentile scores on both the LSAT and the GMAT. I have made a career out of helping other people understand these tests like I do.

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I have 15 years and 10,000 hours of experience helping student raise their SAT and ACT scores through group classes and One-on-One Tutoring. I have helped literally tens of thousands of students raise their scores and achieve their goals. Past clients of mine have attended every Ivy League college - and every other US News and World Report Top 50 University - and won more than $4,000,000 in scholarships.

But my real passion lies in moving the needle for individual students who have found that other test prep approaches just don't work for them. I love nothing more than to finally help a hardworking young person achieve the breakthrough they need, get the score they want, and go to the school of their dreams. I hope you'll let me do that for your student!

Before focusing full-time on Cooper Test Prep, I worked for other test prep companies as Director, as Senior Director and in other positions - I even was a trial attorney for a while before returning to my true passion:

Helping deserving students conquer the SAT.

I started Cooper Test Prep because, after years of working with other test prep companies, I saw an urgent need for change in the industry. Too many SAT prep companies are sophisticated marketing operations - that also happen to have contracted with college students to teach SAT classes. Their focus is on sales, on profits - not on your student.

I knew that with my deep understanding of the SAT - and my passion for helping individual students conquer this test, concept by concept - I could offer families a different - and, I think, far better option:

The highest-quality SAT prep available anywhere.

Without gimmicks, without games - no slick marketing here.

No promises that I CAN RAISE YOUR STUDENT'S SCORE HUNDREDS OF POINTS GUARANTEED - followed by dishonest attempts to refuse to honor that guarantee. 

Yes - My classes and personal tutoring are more expensive than most companies'. 

Because my SAT prep is far - far - better, more effective, and more professional than anything you can find from a company whose instructors 

  • Don't have a SINGLE perfect SAT score

  • Are completely unknown to you

  • Are unreachable (good luck contacting them personally)

  • Are teaching the SAT as a side job (rather than as their full-time profession of 15 years)

  • Likely haven't even taken the Digital SAT - much less earned a perfect score on it as I have

  • Simply put, don't care about your students - they care about earning $50 an hour teaching classes twice a week because they got a 99th percentile SAT score in high school. 

I charge more because I give my students more - far, far more - commitment, knowledge, expertise and attention than you will get from any other test prep company in the US or abroad.

You simply won't find another World Record Perfect SAT Scorer.

You simply won't find another SAT nerd who can't sleep at night if he feels like he's not going over the top for your student.

What I offer is not available elsewhere.

As a wise person once said: You get what you pay for.

I'd love to give your student the best SAT prep - in the world.

I'd love to show you why my students and their parents know that's true. 

I live in Las Vegas with my fiancée and our two dogs and volunteer weekly tutoring homeless youth to help them achieve their GED or HiSET passing scores. I enjoy traveling, playing and watching sports, reading about astronomy, working on cars (badly) and agonizing about the US Men's National Soccer Team's performance.

Thanks for visiting, and please contact us with any questions or to explore our products further.

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