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I have achieved world-class credentials and unrivaled admissions results.

But the best proof I can offer of the quality of my tutoring comes from others:

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with 94% 5-Star reviews

My students and their parents RAVE about my instruction.

Don't take my word for it - judge for yourself. 

Video Testimonials from Real, Recent Clients



"Clay was the best teacher I have ever had!

I would definitely recommend Clay Cooper as your instructor. He is funny and makes learning the techniques so interesting. As long as you put in the work raising your score is possible!"


"Clay Cooper has to be the best teacher I have had in my life. He's a truly knowledgeable person who teaches students the in's and out's of the SAT. I finally feel like I can conquer the SAT! He is very engaging and funny; Clay makes prepping for the SAT fun and makes me want to show up and learn every week!"


"Clay Cooper was one of the best instructors I have ever learned from in my entire life."


"Clay's method of teaching was one of the best I have seen in terms of keeping me engaged and having fun. Despite it being online sessions (which are usually much harder for me to pay attention to) I was able to not only focus on the lessons, but I felt like I wanted to learn rather than I needed to learn. It was a lot of hard work, but nonetheless, I feel as if it was worth it because problems I always had trouble with in the past suddenly became a walk in the park and my practice test scores are much higher than my initial score. Besides a raise in score, I feel much more motivated to take the SAT again thanks to Clay's advice and reminders."


"Clay was a fantastic teacher, and he is by far the best SAT prep teacher in the world."


"Helped me so much with my score! Clay Cooper was such a great teacher!"


"Clay Cooper is amazing for SAT prep. He really engages the student."


"Clay is amazing and he helped my SAT score go up a significant amount and I learned a lot!"


"Clay Cooper is an amazing instructor who is very informative and truly cares about each of his students."

Hannah S.

"I'm not going to lie it was a lot of hard work and dedication, but it was all worth it. My sat scores have gone up a lot and I feel more confident taking the test. My instructor Clay Cooper, couldn't have been better. He was always engaging, funny and answered all of our questions. Couldn't recommend him anymore! Fantastic!!"

Shelby W.

"Clay Cooper was my instructor, and I'm so thankful I got him.  He is a great teacher and helped me understand everything on a deeper level.""


"My instructor was Clay Cooper and he made learning very entertaining and helpful. He made sure to always keep me engaged and encouraged. Before I started, I was worried about how difficult preparing for the SAT would be, but Clay made it fun and took away all the pressure that is usually associated with the test. You can tell that he really does care about the improvement and success of his students and that makes it all the more beneficial. I actually ended up being excited to attend each session."


"Clay Cooper is a man sent from Heaven to fight crime and to teach SAT prep. Never have I had a teacher so engaging and creative. I am truly grateful to have had him as a teacher. His math and "The Office" expertise are unmatched."


"Clay is the absolute best!"


"It was great. I had Clay Cooper as my teacher. One of the best teachers I've had ever! I've managed to improve my SAT score through his help :))"


"At first, I was upset to be spending my summer doing SAT Prep but I soon found that studying was not only very helpful, but also extremely enjoyable. Clay Cooper created an amazing atmosphere where it was easy to learn because I was so engaged in what he had to say."


"I learned many new skills, Clay is the best instructor, he’s awesome. My scores have been going up."


"It was super helpful and the instructor Clay was AWESOME!"


"I loved learning from Clay. He made it a fun interactive experience. He makes sure that I understand the problems and lessons and he's patient with me."


"I learned a lot about the test, and I feel very confident going into test day that I will be able to reach my score goal. Clay's teaching was engaging and useful."


"My instructor, Clay Cooper, constantly kept me engaged. He definitely is an amazing teacher with the ability to teach patiently and effectively along with cracking genuinely humorous jokes. It is actually much easier to learn with a lighter mood than a constantly serious one and Clay is really good at that."


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