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One-on-One Tutoring Packages
with world-record Five-Time Perfect Scorer
and SAT/ACT guru Clay Cooper

Currently accepting new clients for the 2024 Digital SAT test cycle.

I offer a variety of tutoring packages to fit your student's unique needs. 

My One-on-One SAT Tutoring is data-driven - and tailored to the personal preferences of each individual client according to objective, research-driven principles.

I welcome parent feedback, rely on parents' insight, and incorporate family support into the tutoring process. 

Each One-on-One Tutoring package includes:

  • A live, video intake interview between Clay, the student and the parents to discuss the student's individual needs, learning style and preferences

  • Intensive data-gathering: I learn who your student is, what their strengths and weaknesses are, what their goals and challenges are.

  • I collect their past work, practice results, and academic history - along with any unique challenges they face

  • I then use that information - along with your insights as a parent - to hand-build a personalized Roadmap from their starting score to their goal score.

  • I then meet with your student in weekly, one-on-one tutoring sessions that are 2 hours long and use my 15 years and 9,000 hours of experience to help them master the SAT as I have.

  • Transparency: Parents have complete access to everything we do - from session recordings and notes to the student's homework completion tracking.

  • Engaging sessions on our cutting-edge, interactive teaching platform.

  • Research and experience have shown that two-hour tutoring sessions are most effective for lasting, effective progress

  • Thus our 40 hour One-on-One Tutoring Package covers 20 weekly sessions of 2 hours each; our 20-Hour One-on-One Tutoring Package covers 10 weekly sessions of 2 hours each; our 10-Hour One-on-One Tutoring Package covers 5 weekly sessions of 2 hours each; and so on.

  • Ongoing data-driven analysis of your student's progress.

  • An active learning pedagogy informed by cutting-edge cognitive neuroscience.

Fewer than a dozen tutors in the United States can match my 15 years an 10,000 hours of experience - and none can match my literal world-record score credentials. 

Much more importantly, I am a full-time, year-round, career professional dedicated SAT tutor - this is my profession, and it is all that I do. I live inside the SAT, but I also understand what far too few tutors do: to get clients to their goals, a tutor must integrate their testing chops with emotional intelligence - human connection.

I know that, to help your student reach their goals, I must connect with them on their level - and speak in a language they understand. 

Call me today and find out why students from the United States' most prestigious high schools become my clients, and how my clients become students at the world's most prestigious universities.

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Clay's Students' Results in November 2023 alone:

  • 13 SAT scores above 1500

  • 5 SAT Perfect scores

  • SAT Average Improvement: 235 Points

  • 9 National Merit PSAT scores

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94% 5-Star Reviews

Hear from some recent clients themselves: