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Twenty hours of one-on-one tutoring with four-time perfect scorer Clay Cooper in our interactive online teaching platform. Simply the best SAT instruction available anywhere.


This package includes:

-Everything your student needs to reach their personal best SAT score - from the world's best-qualified, most experienced SAT tutor.

-Ten tutoring sessions of 2 hours each; research and experience have shown that two-hour tutoring sessions are most effective in helping students raise their scores by ensuring that each session is long enough to get into the heart of the material covered and helping the student to retain what we work on in each session. 

-Clay's complete suite of SAT prep materials, including

  • Clay's personal SAT textbooks;
  • more than 30 real, past SAT tests;
  • comprehensive section checklists, outlining every topic tested in every section of the SAT;
  • vocabulary lists of Official SAT vocabulary words unavailable anywhere else;
  • a library of pre-recorded videos teaching the most difficult concepts tested, for your student to review at any time;
  • and myriad other materials.

In short, I give your student absolutely everything they need to succeed on the test - and much more.

A data-driven Personal Study Framework: Clay will analyze your past test scores, practice questions, and grades to assess your strengths and weaknesses and present you with a detailed, informative plan of action.

-Our Active Learning Primer: a short, easy-to-read guide on how to apply the latest principles of cognitive neuroscience to maximize your improvement and achieve your goals.

-A Comperehensive Study Plan: Clay will work with you personally to develop this three-part plan, including: a concept roadmap to help you see what you'll be learning; a weekly study schedule tailored to your busy schedule; and a personalized timeline to help you achieve your goals by test day.

-Official Practice Test scoring and Clay's analysis: Clay will hand-score up to six of your practice tests to determine your weakest areas and help you improve.

-The use of our latest, cutting-edge teaching platform on which Clay will meet with your student.

20 Hours Personal SAT Tutoring

  • Upon purchase, Clay will contact the buyer by phone within 24 hours to set up the tutoring package.

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