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60 Hours of One-on-One Tutoring for the bar exam, MBE, UBE, MPRE, or other legal licensure exam. Tutoring to be provided in live, one-on-one tutoring sessions through Cooper Prep's Online Learning Platform in two-hour sessions unless otherwise and previously agreed between Cooper Test Prep and client.



As you are aware, the bar exam - regardless of jurisdiction or format - is a complex, demanding professional licensure exam. As such, Cooper Test Prep's Bar Prep solutions are tailored to meet each individual client's needs - whether that client is an exam-taker, an institution, a university or a government entity. Please call Cooper Prep at 615.703.8101 to discuss your personal, corporate or organizational bar prep needs and how Cooper Prep can help you conquer the bar and achieve your dream BEFORE purchasing a bar prep package. Cooper Prep reserves the right to refund fully any package purchased without prior approval from Cooper Prep.


We understand how daunting the bar exam is. Let us help you navigate this challenge with a free phone consultation - no commitment required. We'll answer your questions, assess your needs, and guide you to the solution that is right for you.

60 Hours One-on-One Bar Exam Tutoring

  • One-on-One Bar Tutoring sessions take place in Cooper Prep's immersive online learning environment, which uses familiar remote-meeting software combined with instructional tools to create an easy-to-use, engaging learning environment - and one that closely mimics the experience of the 21st-century online bar exam. 

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