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Cooper Test Prep's Near-Peer Tutoring offers you and your student the cost-effective help you need to master almost any high school subjct - without the specialized rates that come along with test-prep-expert tutors.


Our Near-Peer tutors are bright, personable young people with outstanding academic backgrounds in a wide variety of subject matter. WIth Near-Peer Tutoring, your student defines the goals, communicates their needs and provides the materials, and our tutor can guide them through one-on-one work to help them reach their goals. 


Tutoring is flexible - busy schedules are welcome - and adaptable to suit your student's needs. Your student provides the materials and topics they need help with, and our tutors will personalize their instruction to help them understand the concepts and problems they're working on.


Near-Peer Tutoring is an excellent option to help your student stay on track in even their most challenging classes and achieve their acedemic goals. With affordable rates, many subjects covered, and attentive, personable tutors, your student can get the academic help they need. 


This package includes 5 hours of Near-Peer Tutoring with one of Cooper Test Prep's tutors, for the subject and period specified in past communication with you as the client. If you have not yet spoken with a representative from Cooper Test Prep about the subject matter, duration and schedule for tutoring that you need, please call us today at the number on the top-right corner of your screen.

Near-Peer Tutoring - 5 Hours

  • Our team of tutors can cover virtually any high school or college-level subject matter your student might need help with. When you call Cooper Test Prep, we focus on understanding the exact help your student needs, and then we select the best fit from among our team of Near Peer Tutors, each of whom has been vetted for expertise in specific subjects, professionalism, and tutoring skill.

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