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To get into your first choice school,

Learn from the best SAT and ACT instructor in the world.


Cooper Test Prep has earned 100% 5-Star reviews on

My results don't lie.

My students have:


Improved their SAT and ACT scores by jaw-dropping margins.


Been accepted to

Every one of the US News and World Report's Top 20 Colleges,

and countless others.


Won more than $4,000,000 in college scholarships.

My students see

Enormous Score Improvements

I have helped thousands of students raise their

scores by hundreds of points. 

Here are just a few examples in the last six months:

A.S. from California

from 1020 to 1410

S.C. from New Jersey

P.C. from Florida

P.P. from New Jersey

from 18 to 26

from 28 to 35

from 1260 to 1480


My students

Get Admitted to the Top Colleges.


Every one of the US News and World Report's Top 20 Colleges

stanford f.png

My students have

Won More Than $4,000,000

in scholarships

from top schools.

Full Tuition - Harvard

Full Tuition - Stanford

Pat Tillman Memorial Scholarship

Full Tuition - NYU

Full Tuition - Virginia

Partial Tuition - Georgetown

Full Tuition - Vanderbilt

Full Tuition - UCLA

Full Tuition - USC

and many others


But don't take my word for it - 

My students RAVE about me.

"Clay is the best instructor I've ever had."

"I wish my high school teachers were more like Clay."

"I learned more from Clay than I have in 12 years of school."

"Best teacher ever."

"Cannot recommend highly enough." 

"Clay really pushed me and inspired me to stay active and learn. He made learning fun but stayed on task. Thank you, Clay!"

"I never thought I would enjoy studying for the SAT, but Clay made it fun and so helpful!"

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